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About Saheli Trust

  1. Saheli Trust is a duly registered non profit organization, working with the aim of empowering women and providing a safe childhood to children. It was registered in April 2013.
  2. The key person in the trust is Shruti Kaushik, it's Secretary. Mrs Manju Kaushik is the President of the trust, involved in defining broad outlines of the trust's work.
  3. About the trustees:
    • Shruti Kaushik, graduated from Dehra Dun Institute of Technology in 2011 and started working as a volunteer in Citizens For Green Doon, which is an environmental group working in Dehra Dun. She is an avid champion of women's rights and women empowerment, environmental activist and an animal lover. After working in an informal way for a year, Shruti founded Saheli Trust to give her work a deinitive form.
    • Manju Kaushik, is a social worker with decades of experience in the field. She has been very active in the project area and has lent a helping hand to dozens of women in distress.
  4. Our field of work: Saheli works for empowerment of women, adolescents and children, prevention of Domestic Violence through sensitization and direct intervention in such cases, helping victims of domestic violence, helping children at high risk of being abused and attempting to break stereotypes in our society. We run a women's cab service, women's helpline, a women's & children's shelter, self help group besides reaching out to children and women in schools, colleges, urban slums and villages. Please see the past issues of our newsletters to get a feel of what we have been up to.
  5. Where we work : Saheli works in and around the city of Dehra Dun, the capital city of Uttarakhand State in India. Our focus is on the villages around the city and the slums inside the city.
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