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Help Saheli by donating

Donations go a long way in helping us help women. If you are too busy to help us physically, a small donation will also work miracles. You can transfer the donation online or by mailing us a cheque. Cheques should only be in the name of "Saheli Trust". Please do let us know if you wish to by emailing us.
Donations to Saheli Trust are exempt from income tax under Section 80G.
Bank Details:

Name of Account: Saheli Trust
Name of Bank: Allahabad Bank
Branch: Rajpur Road, Jakhan, Dehradun
Type of account: Saving
Account Number: 50236632576
IFSC Code: ALLA0212835


You can send donations through PayTM @7017629699 Please remember to send a message to the same number giving your name, so that we can thank you.


Our Universal Payment Interface address is: sahelitrust@allbank
You can send donations to this address through BHIM app or other bank UPI apps.

Postal Address:
Saheli Trust,
C/o Dr Nitin Pandey,
Shivam Vihar,
Dehra Dun 248001
Uttarakhand, India.

"Adopt" a Saheli Women's Shelter inmate

Help us by donating for specific people in the shelter home.
Our aim is to gradually re-integrate the women into society and plan to do that in a maximum of 3 years. The children we have with us will stay with us until they complete their schooling and start working. So when you adopt a woman, you do it for maximum 3 years and when you adopt a child you do it till he / she gets a job. Ofcourse, the option of withdrawing the support is there with you all the time, no questions asked.
You can donate annually or monthly as per your choice. Once you've confirmed your intention to "adopt" a particular person, you will receive:
  • Opportunity to talk to her on phone/ visit her. She will recognize you as her sponsor.
  • Email with details about her along with her photograph.
  • Her annual progress report.
  • Her rehabilitation plan
If you don't want to "adopt" anyone, you can simply donate any amount for any specific person. Remember, each rupee counts ! For adopting a child you would help out by contributing Rs 3000/- per month and for an adult woman Rs 5000/- each month. Of the Rs 3000/- you give for a child, Rs 1500/- are for schooling, Rs 1000/- for food and Rs 500/- for personal expenses. For a women the figures are Rs 3000/- for livelyhood training & Rs 2000/- for food & personal expenses.

UPDATED ON: 21st April 2017

Why donate for an adult woman

A frequently asked question is why should anyone donate to sustain an adult woman, who should be able to earn to look after herself.

Well, the point is that these women in the shelter are mostly rural women who have rarely ventured out of their homes, are mostly uneducated and have never worked at all. They have suffered years of physical abuse at their homes and it really takes a lot of desperation for such women to walk out of their homes. When they come to us they are really upset, in tears and sometimes physically hurt. We need a few weeks to settle them down. Once they are calm, our plan is to give them vocational training, get them a job, open a bank account for them and deposit part of their salary in it. Once there is sufficient bank balance and their issues are sorted out, we get two or more such women to take a house on rent jointly and then live their lives independently. Till that stage comes, we need to support them. Given their background, it is impossible for them to start sustaining themselves immediately. The maximum time we support them is 3 years, that is why we need your support. Also, their legal fees, sorting out their divorce or maintainence, is not cheap.

So, please do lend a helping hand.