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Domestic Violence

Most of us, even the highly educated ones, presume that Domestic Violence referes to physical abuse by the husband or inlaws, which is only partially right. DV refers to any form of physical, mental or emotional abuse carried out on a woman by her parents, inlaws or husband. It also includes abusing verbally, creating a commotion at your place of work and mental harrasment.

Saheli Trust helps women in distress to the best of it's ability. We counsel the affected person in the first instance, then talk to the abuser politely and if nothing works, take action under the Domsestic Violence Act, 2005. Just for the sake of mentioning, it is worthwile pointing out, that under the DV Act, you need not seek a divorce, but seek protection against abuse of any sort, seek maintainance from your husband while living in the house, seek custody of your children and seek against harassment by your inlaws / husband at your work place.

If you need any help or know anyone who needs help, do let us know, we are always there to help you. Please call us at 9760371958. If you need confidentiality, rest assured, we won't let you down.
A policman advises a man against beating his wife
domestic violence

Watch a women share her experience of violence