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Saheli Gyan

Saheli Gyan is an educational initiative of Saheli Trust meant for empowering the youth, both girls and boys, and rural women through education. Various programs have been run under this, "Education at your doorstep" being the present project which is running.
Education at your doorstep

Education at your doorstep
The project aims at providing education at the doorsteps of girls and women who are denied education simply due to distant location of the nearest school / college with parents not letting the girls attend due to social issues.
Under the program, Girl Power Clubs are set up in various villages of upto 20 girls / women who wish to study. They are taught basic computes and English. The brightest girl is appointed as the Team Leader and is responsible for all the girls. Along with English & Computers, girs are sensitized on gender issues and informed about their rights under the Indian constitution.
We also use this opportunity to interact with the parents of the girls to try and change their attitudes about early marriage and girls education.

As of March 2019, we have taught 742 girls / women in 48 different classes.

Details of these classes, upto March 2019 are as follows:

You can help us teach girls/ women in villages around Dehradun, for one month, by contributing just Rs 1000/-, which is less than the price of a dinner in a restaurant. If you would like to donate please click the button below. It takes you to PayU Payment Gateway which is India's leading payment gateway.

To donate more than Rs 1000/-, please use the button on the Donation Page

Watch a video of students at Rao Gali Village.