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Dear Everyone,

March has been a gentle month for us, with things going smoothly and according to plan.
Do read on to know what we have been upto....
We are so happy and blessed to share with you the arrival of our 6th Car, an Alto K10 in March. Much needed, it will help us service more Guests and enhance our revenues.

Also equally thrilling is to find the name of Ms Mamta Pujari, the supervisor of SheCab, in General Knowledge books as the first Commercial lady driver of Uttarkhand. It is really a proud feeling to see her name in books children study. A picture of the book is below this text.

Customer feedback has been excellent. Reviews of SheCab on Facebook have been very positive. You can read them here:


Our Website is :


The girl in the picture, below, is Shivani. 19 year old Shivani, belongs to a village in Himachal Pradesh, a Himalayan State neighboring our state of Uttarakhand. She has finished her schooling but couldn't study further.

We gave her training as a driver for 3 months, the cost of which was entirely borne by us, she cleared her driving test, got a license and in March she joined SheCab as a driver.

A proud moment for all of us in Saheli Trust.
International Women's Day Celebrations
There are many ways in which people mark the International Women's Day. Some hold meetings, some hold discussions and some organize events.

We mark the day by being among deprived women and sharing some moments with them. Can there be a better way than that? Below are some pictures of our International Women's Day Celebrations.
Education@YourDoorStep team

E@YD is a Saheli Trust program to provide education to women and girls, living in villages, and those who do not have access to a school, in their own doorstep. Our team of teachers visit their locality every day and hold 2 hour classes, absolutely free of cost. Subjects taught depend on the general profile of the students, if they have received some basic education before, then they are taught Spoken English, Maths & Basic Computers and if they have never been to school, then we teach them English & Hindi starting from alphabets.

The picture above is the E@YD team, starting from left is Ms Kaushar Jahan, Ms Lubna Naaz, our trustee Dr Nitin Pandey, Outreach Coordinator Mrs Kanti Rawat, Ms Sheetal Sharma & Ms Neeti Bisht.
Students complete their 2 month course in Ghisadpadi Village
9 girls finished their 2 month E@YD course in Ghisadpadi village this month and were awarded Completion Certificates. The most thing which most of these girls were proud of was their newly acquired skill of sending emails.
Students at a village called Rao Gali show off their reading skills....
Reaching out to the marginalized...
Glimpses from our house to house survey at Happy Colony, Canal Road, Rajpur. It is hard to miss the difficult circumstances our Outreach Personnel work under. Winning the confidence of the local population is not easy, but it is essential if we are to bring about a change.
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Hello !
Dear Everyone,

Greetings from all of us here in Saheli. This newsletter is an important link among all of us, and i do hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing it.

With your love and blessings, we are doing fairly well on all fronts. It gives me great satisfaction to see Saheli grow, slowly but steadily. Ofcourse I would have loved to see it grow faster, but, I suppose, slow makes it more steady and secure.

SheCab is doing well, contrary to some apprehensions in the past. We are growing steadily but we need some critical infrastructure. Sadly we have approached many Corporates for support under CSR for expanding SheCab but positive responses have not been forthcoming. We need more cars, more infrastructure and more "womanpower" to grow, and we will gain in eventually, but if we had funds under CSR things could have grown much faster. Lack of appreciation of the concept of SheCab by corporates is one thing I can't understand.

The children in Saheli Home, now officially called "Saheli Residence" are as naughty and as lovable as always. All of them did rather well in the recent unit tests. Your unstinting support is essential to see these children grow and become balanced well educated adults.

Also, i would like to request everyone to please forward this email to your friends & relatives. The more people know about us, the better it is for us.

As always, my request to you, please do visit us at any time of your convenience. We would love to hear from you, simply reply to this email. Suggestions help us improve.


Shruti Kaushik,
Saheli Trust

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