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Dear Everyone,

With the onset of monsoons all over the Indian subcontinent, July also brought a shower of love and support from people all around for SheCab. Children at Saheli Home were busy settling in their new home.

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Presently SheCab, our very own taxi service is on trail runs and the results were very motivating. With lots of positive review and lots of guests to attend to. Unfortunately as we have 3 cabs at present we have had to refuse a number of people, which shows the urgent need of a women's only cab service in the city. Apart from this people also want our cab service open for night hours. We are training more women for the same and will be officially launching it soon.
For those who haven't tried the service, please do it now and feel the spirit of SheCab yourself.
Sharing some of the reviews from customers with you.
Recycle today for a better tomorrow...
Our children of Saheli home attended a 3 days recycling workshop in which they learnt various recycling methods they could use in daily life. In addition to that they also learnt to make compost and grow various saplings.
Rescue of an 18 month old toddler
Rescued 18 month old daughter of Afsari, who was forcibly taken away by her estranged father in law. The baby clung to her mother the moment she saw her. Luckily her in-laws were quiet in front of us and the whole operation took a few minutes only.
This is the sad situation of women in most part of rural India, they are not educated enough to find a job for themselves and are dependent on others for their entire life. The only option left in front of them in case of extreme domestic violence is staying in their maternal house. Even after that the in laws try to trouble the concerned woman by taking away her child and making her life miserable.

Two new batches of girls and women started, under our Education@YourDoorstep program, at Aazad Colony near Lal Pul and Sanjay Colony in Patel Nagar, Dehradun. 25 girls/ women who have never attended school in their lives, will be taught to read and write. The most touching thing is that in these batches, two women aged 63 & 62 years, joined in and were eager to learn how to read and write. Both said that their biggest regret in their lives was that they did not attend school and this was the first opportunity they got to become literate.

This lady here is motivating and setting an example for others that there is no age limit to study.
Hello !
Dear Everyone,

Greetings from Saheli,

It is somewhat difficult to sum up the entire month's journey in a newsletter. We try to send you the highlights of the month so that you could get a brief update about the work we do.

July, as I mentioned in the beginning of this newsletter is a month which brings monsoons with it. At Saheli it wa

Fighting against odds, fighting against preconceived notions and sometimes fighting opposition from within their families, the three learnt driving and are now earning a decent livelihood. The happiness I personally feel when i see them driving around the city, with GPS in their hands and passengers in their cabs, so confidently, something which neither us nor they themselves could have imagined just a few months ago.

To be honest, all this was made possible, not by me nor by Saheli, but by people like you, who help us and on whose support we can always count on for the last so many years. Thank you.

As I mentioned last month, we are still looking for someone to sponsor the girl who has joined our Shelter recently. We need Rs 3,000 per month to look after her education, personal needs and shelter. If you would like to help educate a girl, please reply to this email. It's all because of you, we are able to do what we have done so far. So, please keep helping us help others.

Also, i would be more than happy if you have any questions or suggestions about our work. New ideas can help us grow. Criticism can also help us improve, so both are more than welcome.


Shruti Kaushik,
Saheli Trust
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