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Dear Everyone,

June has been a hectic month for us in Saheli Trust, with heavy emphasis on teaching girls and women in villages outside Dehradun. Read on to learn more about what we have been up to.

Anti-begging campaign
Saheli Trust was involved in a two month long campaign by Uttarakhand Police against street begging. Our team accompanied police teams and visited various areas known for begging and interacted with the women and children who were found begging.

Our members interacted with the women and motivated them to earn money from means other than begging. One of the most frequent point which came up recurrently was that begging was "simple, effective and leisurely". With no overhead expenditure, beggars apparently earn anywhere between INR 15,000 - 18,000 ($ 218 - $ 262 ) per month, "working" at times convenient to them.

Our team tried to teach them quilling and making of small handicraft items, but how much could these ladies be convinced not to beg, remains to be seen.
After a long journey, finally in June, we were able to start our very first Education@YourDoorStep class in a Madrassa, with 8 girl students. All Madrassas we approached previously responded rather negatively to our offers to teach the girls there Computers & English, absolutely free of cost. This was the first one which said yes and all of us were really thrilled about it. The picture below is that of these girl students
Exam Time at Dhera Khas Village
12 girls had their first Basic Computers & Spoken English exam in June after finishing one month of studies under our Education@YourDoorStep program. It is a program under which we teach women/ girls living in villages / slums near Dehradun, Basic Computers & Spoken English in their own village.

Over the last 2 years, we have taught around 1000 such persons in 59 different villages/ slums. It is such a pleasure seeing girls, who had never touched a laptop before, doing Excel formulas at the end of the course.

A big thanks to all those who are helping us in this. If you'd like to help, you can educate one such girl for just INR 1000/- per month ($14.5).
Final Exams at Kailashpur Village
Kailashpur is a small village located around 7 kms from Dehradun. 14 girls here appeared for their final exams after the 2 month long course in Basic Computers & Spoken English.
A new back of 14 girls was started in June in Lohiya Nagar, a small village on the outskirts of Dehradun.
Reaching out to the weak & marginalized.
In June we went to the homes of over 70 women staying in Kargi Grant village on the outskirts of Dehradun, looking for those who might be in distress. We go house to house, talking to the ladies / girls we find there and trying to get to know them.

It has been our experience, that most of women in distress in villages, have no help, simply because they do not know where to go and who to approach, help from their own parents is often not forthcoming, hence the importance of us reaching out to them.
Reaching out to the community
Community Meetings are one of the most important ways of establishing a bond between people and us. In June we held two meetings in different parts of Dharavali Slums along the Haridwar Bypass road in Dehradun. As usual, our emphasis was on issues of gender equality, female education and domestic violence.

The picture above is that of the first meeting in the beginning of June and that below is the second meeting towards the end of the month.
Hello !
Dear Everyone,

Greetings from Saheli Trust.

As you must have realized June has been a particularly busy month for us, teaching 1000 women/girls in 2 years is not an easy job.

Children who live with us, were enjoying their summer holidays. They have been getting up at 4.30 am every day to do yoga, which they are now doing rather well. Rest of the day, they spend hiding from the sun, playing indoor games and evening times is for outdoor games and studies after that. Weekends see Kathak & music classes for all of them.

And as always, my request to you, please do visit us at any time of your convenience. We would love to hear from you, simply reply to this email. Suggestions help us improve.


Shruti Kaushik,
Saheli Trust

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