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"Educate a man and you educate one person; educate a woman and

 you educate a whole nation"                                                                                                                                        M.K. Gandhi
                                    Women's Day Celebration at Saheli
Women's Day was marked by a meeting, each in Chandrabani Self Help Group and in Bhramapuri SHG. In both the meetings Shruti Kaushik stressed that the term women's empowerment was not just a figure of speech but represented the aspirations of all women, across the entire world, in rich and in poor families. She said that unless the awakening does not come from within, no one can be helped. Nidhi Bhandari, a 3rd year law student in Dehradun, explained in simple language the property rights of women in India and stressed that more often than not, women were deprived of their rights, simply because of ignorance. After the talk, members had a small party in which their children also joined in.
                   Inauguration of Saheli Women's Shelter
Saheli Women's Shelter was inaugurated by Her Excellency Dangmo Kushola on 25th March 2014 at Pituvala Village on the outskirts of Dehradun.  The center fulfills a long pending requirement of Saheli and will go a long way in it's efforts to provide immediate help to women in distress. At present it is in a small rented building capable of providing shelter to 5 - 8 women. 
 Maharani Tehri, Rajlaxmi Shah was the guest of honor at the event. Over 12 women workers of Saheli and over a score of local villagers attended the inauguration.
Speaking at the function, HE Dangmo Kushola said that she was very happy to see Saheli doing good work, and would extend all possible help to it. She said that women are much stronger than they think and must learn to appreciate their own innate strength. Maharani Tehri Rajlaxmi Shah told the girls present in the meeting that each one of them had the potential to reach the top most post in the country and serve as a role model for others. She called upon them to stand up and be counted. 
Others who spoke included Shruti Kaushik, Venu Dhingra, Mrs Tiwari, Mrs Khera & Mrs Saraswati Singh.

                             On Inauguration of Saheli Women's Shelter 

There are a few events in life which are life changing and the inauguration of the Saheli Women's Shelter is one such event for me. It has been my desire to help those whom everyone else fears to touch and I pray to God to give me  strength to help as many women as i can. What we have started in Pituwala village in a small pilot project, designed to support women in acute distress for upto a period of 6 months. We can accommodate from 5 to 8 women in the facility for a maximum period of 6 months. Hopefully sooner than later we should have a full fledged project, in which we hopefully will accommodate 50 women for 3 years.
During their stay in the Saheli Shelter, Saheli will provide them security, love, food, medicine, legal advise and we will also try to rehabilitate them in society. 
We were lucky to have HE Dagmo Kushola, from Sakya Center, to inaugurate and bless the shelter. She has been a great help in setting up the center. I'm highly indedted to Sir Richards and Mr. Ken Greatbatch without whose invaluable support this center would have been just a dream of mine. And I would like to thank Dr Nitin Pandey and Deepa Kaushlam Ma'am, without whose support and guidance setting up such a center would have been very difficult. And then there are so many friends and relatives and well wishers, whose name won't fit in this small column but I'll be eternally grateful to each and everyone who has helped.

Shruti Kaushik
Secretary Saheli
                       Inauguration of Saheli's third Self Help Group
After the successful starting of two Saheli Self Help Group, It is a great pleasure to announce the inauguration of Saheli third Shelter home at Pituwala. We will keep you updated about the work done at these three Shelter home time to time.
                                  Saheli's Brand Ambassador 

It gives us great pleasure to announce the appointment of Ashutosh Rana, Nidhi Aswal, Anurag Chauhan, Neha Agarwal, Ina Bahuguna (left to right) as the first five Brand Ambassadors of Saheli. They will promote the cause of Women's Empowerment in their respective places of work / study. Being a brand ambassador is a challenging yet satisfying task. You will be constantly achieving newer heights.
A request to all of you, please click on the link below. On the Gudville page , please click "I support".
You don't need to do anything else and you will help us in supporting dozens of women who are victims of domestic violence.

It would be great if you could do it as soon as possible and also spread the word to as many as you can.
                                                                   Women of the month: Deepa

This 26 year old lady has been with the Chandrabani Self Help Group Center since it's very beginning. 
"I've really learnt a lot since my association with Saheli and the money I earn from here goes for getting good food like milk and butter for my children. I had been really wanting to buy a suit i saw three months ago in a nearby shop but couldn't afford. My husband  refused to get it for me. Thanks to Saheli I finally bought it last week, though i must admit i have not worn it till now as i don't want to spoil it's new look. Shruti Ma'am has given me new hope in life and i cannot thank her enough for it". 
 "Saheli Self help group" products for sale
Saheli stall in ONGC Polytechnic Exhibition, Kaulagarh Road.
Online Shopping Site of Saheli

Beautiful cards, hand bags, Shagun envelopes, ear rings made by the women of Saheli's  "Self help group" are available for purchase on the organisation's online shopping site or if you are in Doon, you can visit our office in Chandrabani and appreciate the hard work doe by these women.


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         Become a volunteer at Saheli

Volunteers can helps us in  setting up workshops, selling Saheli's products, teaching computer skills to the women, training Self help group members any craft work. 
If you are interested in volunteering you are welcome to go through our work  and mail us.

What women in India need is is exposure to educational resources and inspiration towards the better future. This is perhaps Saheli is all about: training women to rebuild their life, educating them and helping them to establish themselves independently. The main objective was to help disadvantaged women by socio or economic circumstances. 

This month was special for Saheli trust in various ways. It started with the inauguration of it's third branch of self help group at Pituwala.  Many people came forward to help the organisation in establishing the Saheli Women's Shelter. The support and contribution from various people all over the world helped us to start with a small shelter home at Pituwala village which aims at helping women in need up to a period of 6 months. This is a land mark achievement in the  history of Saheli. 

I am really thankful to all those people who are directly or indirectly in helping Saheli's expansion towards the larger scale.

Mukul Rawat
Editor Saheli Newsletter
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