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Dear Everyone,

April has been a hectic month for us in Saheli. Our entire team has been on their toes the entire month. Read on to know more.
The Story of Pari
"Pari" in Hindi means "fairy". She came into our lives in April and she lives up to her name down to the last detail. Always smiling, extremely loving and warm, this girl has had a bad childhood, with an alcoholic father, domestic violence in the family and the mother finally could take it no more and left everyone and went away.

6 years of age, Pari has had no education at all and she yearned to go to school all her life. Her father could not take care of her and so he left her to be a part of Saheli family.

We have enrolled her in an English medium school and have given her all the love we can. She opened up with all the other children almost instantaneously and is loved by everyone.

We are looking for a sponsor for her. With just Rs 4,000 per month, you can help us give this lovely child a life to look forward to. As a sponsor, you'll get quarterly updates about her progress and have the satisfaction of seeing her grow. And ofcourse, just to clarify, we don't want any assurances, you can stop helping her the moment you want to, no questions asked.

If you'd like to help out, please reply to this email. Thank you.

We were happy and humbled to be invited by the Director General of Police, Uttarakhand for a brain storming session on the ways of rehabilitating children and women begging on streets. It was a learning experience for us and hopefully over the next few weeks a working strategy will be in place on ground. Will keep you informed as things develop.
It gives us great pleasure to share with you details of our efforts in the field of education women and girls in villages over the last financial year. We taught 380 girls in 24 different villages and hopefully, tried to improve their self confidence and outlook towards women's education and delayed marriages as well. A big thank you to all those who have helped us in this endeavour of ours.
Exam Time at Mehboob Colony
A new Class of English & Hindi for 14 women at Lohiyanagar
Meeting Old Students of Education@YourDoorStep
As a way of saying that we care, we organize get togethers of girls who have attended our classes. It is to reinforce our bond with them and tell them that should they ever need us, we are always there for them. The above picture is of one such get together held in Muslim Colony in April. Games, role playing and songs make the meeting a fun thing.
Starting of a new class in Lohiya Nagar
15 women who had never been to school in their lives, were motivated by our Outreach Staff to start learning now. Most of them were quite enthusiastic about it and are now being taught how to read and write Hindi & English. Lohiya Nagar is a slum on the outskirts of Dehradun
Reaching out to the community
In our continued efforts at spreading the message of women's rights and women education, we held a meeting at DehraKhas village, a sprawling village on the southern edge of Dehradun.

This was our 46th meeting over the last two years, with a total of more than 750 women attending the meetings. Even if we succeeded in changing the mindset of even a few of these, we would consider our efforts well spent.
Hello !
Dear Everyone,

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the Newsletter for the month of May. Our attempt is that through these newsletters you know our work in detail. Most of the pictures we share in this, speak for themselves.

To be honest, we had decided to cap the number of children living with us at 15, mainly due to financial constrains. But, as you can see, it is difficult to refuse help even if we don't have the means. Pari, the newest member of Saheli, has been through a life, we would probably not even imagine and yet she smiles and has faith in humanity. I'm sure, God will help us find the resources necessary to support many other girls like her in future as well. My faith in Him  is unshakable.

Much as the number of women we have taught over the last year, looks good, it is but a fraction of what is needed. The enormous stretch of humanity, which has been denied education, lies in front of our eyes. We must not rest till we are able to reach the most deprived women of them all.

Also, i would like to request everyone to please forward this email to your friends & relatives. The more people know about us, the better it is for us.

As always, my request to you, please do visit us at any time of your convenience. We would love to hear from you, simply reply to this email. Suggestions help us improve.


Shruti Kaushik,
Saheli Trust

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