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Saheli Outreach

Saheli Outreach is, as the name suggests, the part of Saheli which proactively reaches out to women and girls. The aim of the Outreach is to inform everyone about the activities of Saheli especially those centered around protection against Domestic violence and child abuse.
Under the program, monthly meetings are held in various villages around Dehradun and slum clusters and all the participants are given a card with the Saheli Helpline number written on it. It is during the outreach programs that we meet a significant number of women requiring help. As of 1st May 2018, we have visited 6692 homes in 212 different villages / urban slums and have held 27 community meetings which were attened by 499 women.
The program is headed by Ms Kanti Rawat, our Outreach Manager and has a number of outreach workers.
Saheli Outreach Saheli Outreach
An outreach meeting Ms Kanti Rawat