Shecab Service in Dehradun for women only

Welcome to Shecab

SheCab, is Dehradun's only Cab Service for women and children. We have well trained women drivers for your comfort and safety.

SheCab is a venture of Saheli Trust, a "Not for Profit" organization dedicated to Women's Empowerment in Dehradun since 2013. This venture aims to break the glass ceiling of driving being seen as a men's only job, provide employment to women and at the same time, provide a safe transport alternative to women in our city. Our three drivers were housewives in different villages around Dehradun and living in difficult economic circumstances. We trained them and they are now expert drivers.

At present, the service has been soft launched, which is why you are seeing this page. It is only after our formal launch, towards the begining of June, that will you see our website and app.

Presently, you can book a Shecab by calling 7300700401 or 0135-2736652, between 7.00 am & 7.00 pm. Our area of operation includes Dehradun, Mussorie, Rishikesh & Haridwar.

Coming Soon in Dehradun


Please remember when you engage SheCab, you not only get a safe transport for yourself, but you also contribute to empowering women. Our charges are, roughly 10% higher than the usual Ola or Uber charges, but we hope you appreciate what we are attempting to do. Your patronage will go a long way in helping us train and teach more women from villages around Dehradun and make a difference in their lives. Once we are financially stable, we will reduce the charges, till then please support us and help bringing about a change. Thank you.

Parking / Toll Taxes are to by paid by the customer.

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