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Saheli Self Help Group

One of the key reasons why women suffer oppression and abuse at home is because of lack of financial independence. They are scared of what would happen to them if they resisted and were thrown out of the house. What would happen to their children ? This lack of financial independence is accentuated if the woman is illiterate and has never worked outside her own home, so the first step in preventing abuse is to financially empower women.

Saheli Self Help Groups are an attempt to financially empower women. The change which comes in women after their first earnings, is very obvious and goes a long way in making them self confident.
Saheli Self Help Group
Saheli Self Help Group Saheli Self Help Groups work from our workshop in Chandrabani on the outskirts of Dehra Dun, the capital of Uttarakhand State, India. The products are sold under the brand name of "Rangoli - the Colors of India" at our workshop and in different exhibitions across Dehradun.
Ms Kavita is in the Team Leader of the Self Help Group and does marvellous work in desigining and marketing new products. saheli self help group

Watch a member of Saheli Self Help Group share her experiences