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About Shruti Kaushik

Shruti Kaushik is the moving force behind Saheli. It was her desire to work for the women's empowerment and those who are victims of domestic violence, that Saheli was born.

Born in Dehra Dun in a middle class rural family in a village called Majra, on the outskirts of Dehra Dun, Shruti completed her schooling in 2007 and graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the Dehra Dun Insititute of Techonology in 2011.

It was during the last two years in College that Shruti began to realize that her future did not lie with any corporate but with the women who were distressed. She had seen violence against women since childhood, as the village she lived in was a 'conservative' village where women were (and still are) treated as second class citizens and oppressed. The single incident which affected her most was the selling of her friend, then 14 years of age, to a man, 44 years old and her subsequent sufferings. This and many other incidents around her made her yearn for change.

She started working as a volunteer in trust working for environment ( Citizens For Green Doon ) and took part in a number of street plays, clean up drives, plantations and demonstrations to save trees from being felled. Gradually she started yearning for working in the field of women empowerment and started working unofficially, educating girl children of slum areas, after her graduation. In April 2013, two years after she graduated, Saheli Trust was registered an an official non charity trust working for women's empowerment and child protection.

A strict vegetarian, Shruti has an intense love for animals and has been looking after street dogs in her village. She is a keen yoga practitioner and an avid learner of Indian classical dance, Kathak. She loves reading, painting and teaches the poor children of her village, free of cost.

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